(01/2021) Moderator of Possessing Polynesians: In Conversation with Maile Arvin ︎

(01/2021) Symposium co-organizer: Pacific Worlds: Indigeneity, Blackness, and Resistance ︎

(02/2021) 109th CAA Annual Conference: “Burning the American Flag Before the World: Artist-Activist Coalitions in Hawai‘i, For the Future” ︎

Forthcoming essay in Pacific Arts: “Making Room for Earth in Hawai‘i: Sean Connelly’s A Small Area of Land


(11/2020) Eco Aesthetics graduate seminar: Climate Futures Collective on Environmental Justice and Its Discontents

(11/2020) Art and Sustainability guest lecture: “Art Against the Ecological Effects of Militarization”

(10/2020) Contemporary Environmental Art guest lecture: “Mining Maui: Kapulani Landgraf’s Ponoiwi and Land/Art in Hawai‘i”